Check it out, let me know what you think of the song itself as well as our live show. I know I could have probably used some more distortion for the chorus.

Don't hold back either, I want to know what you really think of the song. I won't cry. In front of you anyway. Maybe later.

Leave me a link to anything you want me to check out and I'll try to ASAP.
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Pretty good quality for a camera, nice bass presence. I really like the drum line. OH cool change there, it's a little sudden. Pretty funky, I like the vocals, wish they were clearer. The big stage doesn't really suit you guys, I must say, it's very empty, I'd work on that. I wish the chorus was stronger, the vocals could be a little more powerful and less repetitive, as well as a bigger drum line. The solo was nice. You guys know what you're doing. Good job. C4C?
yea man, i like it.. love the bass lines.. You all need to fill the stage alittle more is my only crit, but its a catchy tune and all round pretty good..

I would like to hear a studio recording of it

thanks for checkin my link
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I really dig the verses and the chorus id say is OK but not as strong as it could be. the vocal melody during the chorus for some reason sounds like it should go a different direction in the chorus than it actually does. structurally, i think the song is really tight. the guitar solo kicks ass and then i like how it dies down a little to build up anticipation for the outro. the singers mannerisms were a little goofy to me and i wasnt a huge fan of the laugh or whatever he did at the end but other than that i think this is an all around enjoyable performance.

Thanks for the Crit, first off I like the change up in the beginning I was expecting something totally different! I really like it. This is a song you can move to. The singing gets kinda lost in the mix (probably cause it's live with only a camera recording) The solo flows very nicely. Good tones as well! Overall I like, good job keep up the good work!
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It was a fun song enjoyable to listen to.
and the rhythm change caught me off guard in the beginning.
Maybe you could add some more variations on the guitar to spice it up a bit?
But a decent performance nontheless
decent stuff. defintely record that in a studio. what club is that? i assume it's in NYC...
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decent stuff. defintely record that in a studio. what club is that? i assume it's in NYC...

It's in chesterfield michigan. It's called new york new york though.
American Circus
Like the White Stripes, RHCP, or Cage the Elephant? Check out mah band!
I really like that rhythm change in the begining of the song. The vocals are pretty good. You guys don't have a lot of stage presense though, but the music makes up for it

I liked you guys on facebook, btw
the song was solid mi amigo, no real criticism here. I suppose a chorus with more gain and more crash/splash cymbal work would've been more epic but it was still powerful. @ 2:51 I would've liked from the dynamics of the drum playing to change with the song (i.e. softer) but hey man i dug it, so what more can you really ask for? All i can say is, the light man needs to chill

an ep of mine
and an instrumental ep
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