Hi there, I just got a new amp (peavey vypyr 120 tube). I'm using an edward's scythe (the cob model) with an emg hz pickup. Never really liked the pickup sound that much in the high range and am wanting a warmer feel while also keeping brutal mids and lows.

My guitar just started making fuzzy noises whenever I play a note so I'm assuming it's a connection problem in the guitar.

I'm going to get the pickup upgraded when I send it in to get fixed. What pickup would work nicely with my guitar and the peavey? My mate was telling me go for a seymour duncan invader

na, not the alexi. Quite an old passive.

85 active or passive? does it make a huge difference?
85 is active, and you'll notice a big difference. I can heartily recommend the Alexi sig HZ set if you dig the bodom sound. It's a little more dicking around to install but I find it's meatier than the 81 or 85, probably not as tight though.
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Why do people insist in posting a recommendation request without the basic key info?

No budget?

Bare Knuckle Miracle Man. It's like an EMG 81 that's possessed by Metalgori'sh, the netherworld daemon of metal.

So silent, it'll make any ninja green with envy. It's got bass that smashes like a sledge hammer mids that'll cut through and set you on a pedestal in front of your band and high that sparkle without cutting your ears out.

It'll piss all over any Seymour Duncan, DiMarzio or EMG.
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