I made this song quite a while ago, I think I posted it on here too but no one criticized it and I've made some changes since then so I'll just repost it in this thread. The drums are a little iffy, etc etc. My least favorite part is from bars 27-35.

Listen with RSE, headphones, you know. I'll critic back obviously.
Nothing At All.gp5
Nothing At All.gp4
well, taht was kind of a strange listen. I first thought it was just an intro to another songuntil I scrolled down a bit.

anyway, since you didn't label the different parts it' even harder to see a structure and I don't like to just have a song flowing into my ears without having anything to hold on to.

I liked the mellow feeling of the song but it could really need some changes, you can do alot of interesthing stuff there with different harmonies. For example I somehow wanted to song to change into a much darker chord progression at bar 28 but instead you keep that feeling. You dont have all that much changes up until bar 43.

Now the following part is the only one that really stands out but I don't like it. It's probably just that I would have approached this part, which probably is the key section of this song, in a very different way.

The real problem is that you dont really change a lot. You always come back to the same notes and to the same chords and you even scrap that part after 8 bars, leaving not much of an impact.

The solo also always has a few notes here and there that "hint" at a different feeling btu you never seem to go all the way through which makes this whole song a rather uninteresting listen.

The only part I really could relate to were the last 8 bars before the outro as it sums up the song and the underlying melody really is beautiful and works great as an outro.

But there just is nothing inbetween the intro and the outro so to speak, and that is the problem for me here.

It would be ncie if you could check out this song in return, I also used rse for it and mixed with headphones so it should have a good sound. https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1484790
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