So, which famous guitarists have the best instructional videos for training technique and such? I've been playing for years, but my technique is sloppy at best. I feel working on my form and dexterity will really help me greatly.
u dont always need famous musos,lick libary dvds of bands u like are great practice.
Protest the hero and Scale the summit do have a couple instructional videos, but more importantly they both create their own tablature books for each album and sell them cheap and (in Protest's case) the send em out themselves and make them themselves. <3
I thought Vinnie Moore's Speed, Accuracy, and Articulation was pretty good for improving technique. The Paul Gilbert videos are pretty good as well.
Paul Gilbert

Joe Satriani

Dave Weiner from Rifff of the week

Andrew from creative guitar studio

All are free on youtube
Quote by austhrax
u dont always need famous musos,lick libary dvds of bands u like are great practice.


But at the same time...for me personally, I get more inspired if the video is by a guitarist I like, as long as the video isn't crappily made of course.
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When I said famous, I only mentioned this because being famous would naturally mean I'd get more suggestions of them. I love Scale the Summit and would love to see some vids by them, but I really need to work on tightening up my technique and turn down the slop. I suppose i'll sift through youtube and find some things. Thanks guys.
The best videos I've seen have been John Petrucci's "Rock Discipline" and Marty Friedman's "Melodic Control". I think both of those are still on Google Videos, IIRC. They are easily the best videos I've seen on playing guitar and feature a lot of useful information that has made me a much better player than I would have been.
John Petrucci's "Rock Discipline" to me is the best out there. if you correctly practice using just that, you will see huge improvements.

another one that really helped me was "speed mechanics for lead guitar" its a monster of a workout. its not a dvd though. but just as good in my opinion.
If you like Breraking Benjamin and Three Days Grace and stuff, there's a guy on Youtube named Aturn3d who does pretty awesome vids...