Search on the net: Charly Garcia,
an excesive talent argentinian rocker.
He was a prodigious child, he got absolute pitch, he began in his childhood with classical on piano, in his late youth: the Beatles, then still in high school, he made a Band named
Sui Generis, a hiper succesfull blues - folk band.
After that he create La Máquina de hacer pájaros, the finest progressive rock band in south america in that time.
Serú Girán was the next band he creates, and the critics says that they are late beatles style,
After that he is a solo musician, that experiment with other artist and bands. In resume he has experimented and created a lot of hits exploring the most significant variants of rock, blues, jazz, folk, electronic, etc... all together or not.
Is one the most talented musicians of our continent, and very polemic too, heavy drugs adicctions. he jump to a pool from de nine floor of a hotel, the video is on youtube.
And creates the slogan: Say no more!
To all that bothers you... Say no more!

In Argentina hes like a kind of god, as equal or more than Maradona.
Pd: Sorry my english, and he make experimental music too, if you have time and want to expand your rock experience, search him.

Good Luck
from The Andes!