so Im going to pickup a few pedals in the near future, get get some features i wouoldnt have without these pedals (mainly a solo boost type pedal and a reverb)

and lately I found out about blackstar Effects pedals and thought that it sounds really interesting, and im really interested in the reverb pedal in particular, but I also noticed that they have an HT Boost pedal, which seems to be like the similar idea of a tube screamer, and have similar uses, but could it really replace my current ibanez TS9? and also whats the general concensus on blackstar pedals? Im only really interested in the pedals i mentioned but any info would be nice, as information on blackstar products doesnt seem to readily available unless its an HT5
Why are you only interested in Blackstar pedals?

My opinion of Blackstar in general is that they sound insipid and rather boring. The Artisan series of amplifiers they first started producing is really nice, but they're based on old classic schematics that they didn't invent, so maybe that's why they sound so good.

Anyway, the pedals have this strange marketing thing/ploy to them that states they are "true valve/pure valve/all valve", which is not entirely true. Like most pedals, the valve technology they use in the pedals and HT-5 series does have solid state, transistor-based components.

To most that doesn't matter but it does to me. I don't like sneaky advertising. We'll leave that to the big cats that are worth billions and billions, not guitar companies.

The sound of the pedals, both the boost and reverb, are not bad in any way, but they are expensive, very big, are more cumbersome than a standard sized and operated stomp box and have more things to go wrong inside, which makes them less roadworthy, in my opinion.

The reverb is what you'd expect. The boost is what you'd expect. There are very few 'bad' reverb and boost pedals, particularly since tone is almost completely subjective. What were you hoping to achieve with these pedals? What else are you using? What genres are you playing?
im not only interested in blackstar pedals, I was just curious about peoples opinions on blackstar pedals, to see if theyre actually worth the 300$ for the reverb and such. I have no problem not buying anything from them, im just a bit curious.

the boost pedal matters less because i already have a ts9 that theres nothing really wrong with.

so lets say 200$ for a reverb pedal for cleans, ill spend more if its that great. if anyone knows a better reverb then let me know. Im just looking for something to add to my amp as a natural reverb, similar to the reverb found onboard some amps stock. (ie, mesa roadster, fender amps for the most part, etc.)

gear is a peavey 6534+ halfstack with a vintage mesa cab. and a few EMG guitars and a PRS Cu24. othe rpedals are my TS9 and Boss tuner and noisegate
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If you're happy with your TS9 then another boost pedal won't offer very much considering how much you'd have to pay. An EQ pedal placed in the effects loop of your Peavey would be an useful tool. They're great at cutting or boost specific frequencies whenever you want or need them. A TS9 only boosts gain and midrange, whilst cutting bass and adding a blanket on your tone. An EQ pedal can boost anything.

For that I suggest a Dr. Scientist The Cleanness, an Empress ParaEQ, Fromel Shape EQ, Homebrew Electronics Detox Paul Gilbert EQ, modified Boss GE-7, or a MXR 10-band EQ. They all vary in versatility, availability and price. Research them individually and see which one would be most applicable for your amp and your requirements since they each offer something different.

You don't need to spend $300 on a reverb, and if you did I would never ever suggest a Blackstar reverb. For a very small and very cheap reverb, I recommend the Malekko Chicklet, or a second-hand Spring Chicken if you want to invest in a highly-treasured and discontinued pedal. It only has one or two knobs and offers a really sweet, bouncy spring reverb.

If you want a versatile and small reverb unit, the Dr. Scientist Mini-Reverberator is excellent. I have had one for months now and it has never left my board. It's $225 or something like that and is indispensable.

The Digitech Hardwire RV-7 Stereo Reverb, then is more affordable, sounds decent and has all the features you'll need. The TC Electronics Hall of Fame is in the same league but would be considered the less digital sounding of the two. And finally, another versatile one is the EHX Cathedral. It's bigger and somewhat more noisy, but it's still a worthy mention.

The Earthquaker Devices Ghost Echo is only $160-odd dollars and is awesome. It can reproduce the Fender reverb tones without any problems. It can also copy Mesa Boogie reverb, which is just a slightly bigger, bolder version of a Fender reverb. The Wampler Faux Spring Reverb should also be mentioned. It's very warm.
well right now im thinking for my solo boost im going to use that MXR/CAE m104? pedal and for reverbs i have been thinking either the boss rv5, the hardwire rv7 and the TcE hall of fame. and then after that i might add an EQ, but again itd prolly be the boss one.

another pedal i like how it sounds, but its kinda overkill is the roland RE20.

because right now i run all 3 of my edals off a BCB30 pedal board. im going to upgrade it to a bcb60 or the skb PS45 and then get the pedals to fill it up. most likely will have to go with the skb one though for the size
Yeah, the Roland RE20 is nice. It is overkill but I like overkill!

The Boss RV-5 isn't that great. If you can find an old RV-3, do so, but the Hall of Fame is richer, more versatile, easier to use and more functional than the Boss RV-5.

The CAE M104 is fine for boosting your amp, yep. It's a very common pedal for touring musicians. I think the Deftones guitarist uses one, if I'm not mistaken, for his Marshall.
yea because i like the lead tone i have right now, all id need is a straight up volume boost which seems to be exactly what the M104 does.

and if i do get the skb board, it will have enoyugh room for the Re-20, so i guess thats still an option......
pure valve digital effects ftw

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