So I need some suggestions, as my original ideas of horror movies and a cup didn't seem to go over too well. All she has said is that she wants something cute, so any suggestions are welcome
Truck nuts
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Disregard that,i suck cocks.
Give her a pink teddy bear. If she complains... you can give her your dick in a box instead.
A yoshi. Girls love yoshit.
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You sir, are a giant c*** and you finger will forever haunt my dreams.

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hello kitty stuff

do you have a build-a-bear near you? they usually go down quite well... (you get bj's)

or if you're one of them rich bastards then jewellery or something.
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Since dick in a box has been "inb4"'d, dick in a cup?
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Pooping is well good though, to be fair.

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Make your own sweets/chocolates/biscuits and put them in a tin with colourful tissue paper lining the inside.
Buy her a Maserati.
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cast a chocolate bar in the shape of your hard dick

He might as well just get her a Snickers then.
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Box in a dick

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Get a cup.

Put all her favorite candies and things inside that cup, arranged tastefully.
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Buy her tickets to your favourite bands show.

This. Everybody wins.
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Make something for her.

Make a paper heart (search online for how) and write a little message either on it, or in it for her to unfold it and find.

I 100% guarantee she'll think that's cute.