Hi guys could you please give me feedback on a new song?

you can find it on my profile (red desert)

I know the recording isn't that good and I used a trial version of a drum software so there are some voices in the background, all I want is some input on the riffs and my playing.

Ok im listening now, my first thought, too much effect on the intro part. it sounds really cheesy and is layed on far too heavy in my opinion. i really like the bass in that part though and the guitar line fits into it really nicely. the really heavy riffing that it went into was unexpected but it also works. theyre good riffs and youre lead work the second time around also sounds tight. all in all it sounded a lot better than i was expecting from your description of it. clean up the quality issues and maybe roll back the effects and you have yourself some really solid riffs here

ye for the intro I tried to do like an eastern Indian sitar sound, I guess I've overdone it
I definitely got that vibe and totally dig it, but yeah i think you could take away a little, leave a little, and still have it sounding good, if not better
I actually like the squished sound of the guitar in the intro, but maybe less phaser or whatever you've got on there.
Main riff is great and it builds up to it well. I like the fuzzy guitar tone.
Timing on the bass for the intro seems sort of whack.
I actually think the voice for the drums in the beginning is pretty cool. I'd keep it in there, but just that one time.

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Do you really live in Vatican City? Or is that a joke? Timing is a bit odd at times, and/or could be tighter timing-wise. Definitely some interesting ideas & unusual tones. Some parts sound off to me somehow, but other parts sound pretty cool! It was entertaining. Please review my music at this link:


nah it was a joke and ye I agree with you that the recording should be a bit tighter.