Hey guys, took me forever but finally got around to recording Of Darkness Spawned by the Black Dahlia Murder. This song was like an endurance test for me because of the amount of picking and chugs. My string gauge probably didn't help much either (bottom string being a .58). Probably one of the most difficult songs I have covered. Dare to try it? o_O

Thanks for checking it out and always C4C

Nice!! Was that preamp out and a impulse or straight guitar in and amp aim aswell as impulse?

Either way nice tone and solid playing. Definitely got the chugs across, which is important for that style. Only thing missing was the solo


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Not my type of music, but still liked it. The tone matched the song extremely well and playing was top notch. Song looks hella intense for the picking hand, I can only imagine how it felt after lol. otherwise great job and great playing!
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Aah, doing a TBDM stuff is deffinitely not an easy stuff. It reminds me the time when I just received my first guitar, and I was trying to learn Pandora by Parkway Drive, good old days ...

Haha, back to the point. Great work man. You did the most important aspects of the song perfectly, the tone is very good, I don't see nothing wrong with this video. Try to learn the solo next time, and everything will be more impressive. Keep going!

C4C? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R_DgCl0O_Gc If you want to see something more aggresive and technical, check out some of my other covers. Thanks!