Here's another short (2 min) looper based improv. If I was to rate my songs according to how I think other people would, this one would be down the list. But for me this song has something special that's appealing about it. So my plan is to try and make a new recording based on the musical concepts here that's more substantial than a simple looper song.

So rather than critique the mix or lack of drums, I'm just wondering if people like the melody and feel.


As always I will return the C4C.
At first it kinda sounds Pink Floydish. I like the kinda feel; I think there needs to be a more distinguished melody. Also, I think it might sounds really cool if you added song strings or something to make it more full. Perhaps add a counter melody! Overall It could use a little work but I see good potential especially for like the intro song of a record!



Thanks, Kevin
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It was kind of Pink Floyd-y. I think you should of made the improv closer to the rhythm track rhythm-wise. It's hard to start getting into like this because it's confusing and you got to figure out what parts your listening too. It should have more of a hook based improvisation, so there is more of a melody. That would of really made it stand out. Your tones were fantastic though, especially the rhythm track, sexy. C4C?