i play more country music and was wondering how to go about starting...
i started from the heart and got nowhere as such

guys who comment are legends
grow some balls and ask her out.
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**** off dude, weve bn friends for ages and some of her mates are either jelous or jus think she could do better, and i love my guitar as much as i love her so if noone is gonna give me any ideas then screw you all!!!
I don't get it, are you asking how to write a song for her or are you asking how to ask her out?

If it's the former, you could probably get away ripping off the chords from some pop song and throwing in cliche lyrics mixed with her name.

If it's how to ask her out, just do it.
Tis the song but I found a song I can change the words to. Ironically it's a country song she has never heard of and she lives in the country
Hey there Delilah.

I freakin missed my chance today. Some chick that forgot that I played guitar wanted me to play something, and I don't know Delilah...

I feel for ya bro
dude if you love her, then don´t f***ing care what her freinds say.
Maybe ask 1 or 2 freinds with in the first place and if she don´t know your freinds you´re are taking with, then say she also can take a freind or two with.
and if it´s going well, you can ask her out another day just yu two

P.S. sorry for the bad english i´m not from America or England
Obvious troll is obvious.
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thankyou all for the posts but im gonna play a song called "the man in love with you"-george strait
haha I love the way you think man, but remember to say what the song is called before you play it
ok thanks x i was more worried and wanted actual advice of the song on here... i know how to present it but wanted to know if i should change a few lyrics or not... oh and im only goin up to the solo because i wont hav enough time otherwise :'(
I think you should change the lyrics, so the song fits better to it
but if you change the lyrics then don´t publis it
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grow some balls and ask her out.

Might be better...if you hit a bum note on the song may ruin it. Plus it's well cheesey I've never seen it work the "play a song" to get a girl. If she likes your playing and you can feel some chemistry get a dose of "man the f**k up" and ask her out drop the song cos you probably don't need it as she already likes your playing and probably already likes you.
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Slight warning, watch out for that awkward moment where you finish the song and she doesn't realize you just asked her out. The gesture loses meaning when you have to say, "no seriously, I just asked you out."
guys that told me to get some balls... either havent or wanna suck some... but thanks for the other advice xx all is gonna work tonight
How'd it go?

This should probably be in the Pit, with all the troll comments and also because it has nothing to do with lyrical techniques...
it went well until her close friend of the opposite gender... she wasnt dating him but they were close and he got angry because of some of the things i said in the song. she said it was cool but the emotion dies down... so ill try again with another song... probably "your everything" by keith urban
The other guy didn't love it. Just go up to her without the other guy and ask her out. Beat the other guy to it. Move to relationship thread commence!
I don't get it, are you asking how to write a song for her or are you asking how to ask her out?

go to yahoo answers if you wanna ask a girl out.......or just be a F***King man
i dont need help with that u pr*ck and tis sorted now

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