thinking of building my own guitar and was wondering what type of wood to use for body/neck

what woods are available? you can make it out of any wood you want but we cant suggest anything until we get more information such as

what guitar your building,the pick ups that are going into it,do you like darker or brighter sounding guitars, is weight a factor?what finish are you putting on it?
It depends very much of the shape of the guitar and, of course, its pickups.
For a Strat, a Tele, a Mustang or a Jazzmaster shape, the ideal woods are Alder (for the body) and Maple (neck). For the fingerboard, you can use either Rosewood or Maple.
For a Les Paul or SG shape, recommanded woods are Mahogany and Maple Top (body) and Mahogany (neck), with Rosewood or Ebony fingerboard.
For Flying V and Explorer, you have Korina (body) and Mahogany (neck), with Rosewood or Ebony (fingerboard). If you don't find Korina, choose Mahogany instead, but you'll get a heavier guitar.
There are other woods you can choose from, but, unless you are an experieced luthier, it's beter to contend yourself to the recommanded timbers.
Pickups also command a specific wood. Single coils sound better with Alder or Ash, while humbuckers feel at home with Mahogany or Korina.
Anyway, your question makes me wonder if you really are prepared for such an adventure, as building a guitar from scratch. No offence, I'm just trying to make you reason by yourself. Because there are nice cheap guitar kits, so you can experience the pleasant feeling of building, and meanwhile avoiding catastrophic mistakes in carving wood.
You should make it out of whatever your preferences are.

Personally, I'm a mahogany fan, and I like ebony fretboards and mahogany necks. I like heavy guitars, so the weight of mahogany is a big plus for me. I also like the sound of mahogany the best, it has superb resonance and sustain, very deep and warm. I have a few mahogany guitars, but it's nice to have variety.

It depends on what you like, therefore I can't tell you what you should build it out of, you'd be building your custom to my preferences instead of your own. Tasters choice, there's really no wrong answer, only opinion.