I'm wondering how Malmsteen contributed to - obvisouly - modern music. When I listen to his songs I can every now and then hear a lovely piece influenced by classical music. He masters sweep picking, alternate picking and music theory.

What has Malmsteen brought into the world? Is it just a huge egotism as somem ight say, or is there much more beyond that?
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well becasue of him theres alot of people who shred
he influence shred guitar and the neoclassical genre at least a bit im sure

Rather invented
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Rather invented

Debatable at best - Yngwie took heavy influence from both Uli Jon Roth and Richie Blackmore. The only real difference between what they did/do and what he does is the speed.
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He masters sweep picking, alternate picking and music theory.

Theory? No way. There's nothing 'complex' about Malmsteen's music.

There seems to be some sort of misconception that all the neoclassical guitarists and shredders have super complex music. It's not complex music. Just because you have time signature changes or really fast runs doesn't make your music complex. Technically cumbersome and difficult? Definitely. Musically complex? Not a chance.