As the title suggests, has it?

Not directly related to the economy, but I am being forced to sell a decent number of pieces of gear to finance repairs to my car and a future guitar purchase. I do need more hours/ a better job or two as well.
I had to sell my amps and most guitars to pay for rent. Didn't get any work in for a few months.
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lots of dudes sellin gear cheap, lots of shit at pawnshops. my gear buyings gone up
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Quote by Carndawgy
lots of dudes sellin gear cheap, lots of shit at pawnshops. my gear buyings gone up

same here, more deals on forums/gumtree/ebay
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yes. i orig wanted a fender usa strat so was saving for one, then they rocketed from £899 to about £1300 in a week so instead i cot a classic player 60's MIM strat... i'm happy with it anyway.
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Actually I just bought a Gibson LP Studio and a Blackstar HT-1 just a few months ago and also a Dunlop Crybaby. I'm probably going to get another amplifier in few months, so I think my buying has gone up. Though I sold my old gear to fund these, but still.
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yeah had to really slow down and think hard about any purchases. i did buy a VK and a couple of wahs this year but that will be it for the forseeable future. in a way this has helped me to really consider anything new and not to impulse buy so much.
I had an electric for 2 months with no amp because I couldn't get the money to buy it.

Quote by Carndawgy
lots of dudes sellin gear cheap, lots of shit at pawnshops. my gear buyings gone up

Me too, except I tend to use eBay. I think I've bought a new guitar every month for the past 6 months!
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I had to take a pay cut during a round of layoffs at work. When things get better I'll be restored to previous pay and probably a raise. It was their way of saying "we really need you here but don't want to let you go". Many other co-workers also took pay cuts. The ones who let their ego be all "**** that I'm worth more" were let go. Some of them didn't have a back up plan. Sucks to be them right about now.

As far as gear goes. It's definitely a buyers market right now. And there's lots of stuff being sold to pay bills and other things. So look in used places you'll be surprised at what turns up. People needing things sold asap.
I'd say I slowed down a bit. It's getting harder to flip things on Craigslist so I backed off the buying a bit. Used to be that I could get rid of a multifx pretty quick at a decent price. But the list is getting really slow.

Now I'm pretty much not buying unless it's something I really want. My last two purchases were a Zoom G3 and a Samick Les Paul. Both of which I really wanted.

I used to buy stuff just because someone was selling it cheap, just to try it out knowing I could turn it over and even make a buck or stay even.
indirectly yea. right now i working a shit part time job and need to get more hours/a full time job to put money towards a car, and to finish paying off my PRS. but I havent really been selling anything
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I had to sell my amps and most guitars to pay for rent. Didn't get any work in for a few months.

Damn that sucks

Personally I've brought more stuff because of the aus-us exchange rate
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It's made me take notice of the exchange rate. Tbh I've done real well out of the US economy crashing.
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It's gone up a little now that I'm not in the service industry ($2.83/hr and sparse tips barely covered car insurance), but I had to leave the country for my position, and it ends next year anyway.

I noticed the price jump on American Strats, too. They've gone up $200 since I got one new, and that wasn't even a decade ago.
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I haven't bought any new gear in several years. Everything I've gotten over the recent year was given to me, or I just got it from my church cause they didn't need it anymore. I don't have any money to buy new gear anyways...I really need a new guitar....and to fix my Valveking...but I can't afford it, being jobless, and nobody wanting to hire me cause of college and a lack of a decent work history, just makes life hard.
This year I bought a new Royal Atlantic (still paying the money I got for this) and a classical guitar ($300 USD). Last year I bought one HW1 Strat (used), a Valve King 112, carbon copy, crybaby from hell... Last year I was living in Colorado, my income was like $100 for a day of work, now I'm back in Mexico and my income is like $100 for a week... You see the big difference? It's hard, yeah, but it's still possible to get some gear if you set a goal and you follow it the way you should (and if you are single without kids xD).
Yeah, I haven't purcased anything major like guitars, but I have started a few builds of my own a Tele style build that is going on its 10th month

But thank goodness i found Guitarfetish.com, they have made it some what affordable for me, but I allso have a wife and 3 kids, so........ I'm broke on Saturday when I get paid on Fri.
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