so been looking around ehre and via google for some sites that take orders for 100% custom guitars like body wood inlays finish, the works, but havent seen anything really.I know theres at least 2 in the small town i live near but i never get down there so cant really look them up to ask them about it so was wondering if anyone knows of a site that would do something like this, yes i realize i would have to smash my wee piggy bank
all help appreciated and if you have some customs post em
jason jillard makes some really nice ones. You can see a bunch of his builds on these forums actually.

jillardguitars.com is his website. pretty reasonably priced when you look at other places too.
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TS what is your budget?

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Look at a guy names Wishnevsky. He has two sites. one for Wishbass, and the other for his guitars and whatnot. He's super cheap. He made me an 8 string for $400, that i'm about to send in payment for. If you look him up on Facebook, you can see alot more of his builds.