Five Hours seeing you, my night wasted away
My eyes are a stylish charcoal gray

I need to get my blue and white fix
Or duct tape won't get me fixed

Above separates us.

You keep your eyes pinned on me
When you say something I flee

Why have you been just cheated on?
Is this another opportunity to thrive upon?

I think you love me.

You tell me to get a grip
I feel many kinds of bliss

I’ll stay here all night
This time it will feel right

I think I love you.

Why did you just disappear?
You and I had no fear

You didn't even know
How could you be so low?

Are you happy now?

Leave my world, someday I won't care
Someone like you is rare

We can talk every day
About how you ran away

Why do I love you?

People say that love is true
But it seems truth is unsure

You tell me I’ll find another one
You said life ahead will be fun

Look at what you’ve done.


I'll run too.

Notes:A couple of revisions over the week, and now I've decided to put it on this site for advice. I finally got out of writer's block, yay!

If you want to know exactly what the song is about, just ask It may be hard to understand with all the mixed feelings in it, because I'm the kind of person that can understand everything they can say, but no one else understands it...
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I dig it. It has a really nice flow to it (I was singing it in my head).
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^Yeah, I noticed the flow too. It's good. But One doesn't fit as a title. Perhaps "Someday".