About us:
We are Moshing Samurai & we play Nintendocore. We have released one EP and one LP album to the online community. The band consists of 2 guys. Both of us write music, play guitar/bass and do vocals. We're in our early 20's. We enjoy all sorts of music, ranging from 80's metal like Judas Priest to modern hardcore like Parkway drive and many other different genres. We don't have sufficient experience being on stage, but we'd like to remedy this with Moshing Samurai. Nevertheless, we're quite proficient with our instruments, both of us were playing guitars for years now.

What we're looking for:

We're looking for musicians to extend our lineup, write music and play gigs. We need a drummer, a bassist and a couple of guitarists. Both of us want to do vocals and one of us can sing while playing rhythm guitar, but we're flexible with that, so you might be a singer too.

Our plans:

First of all we need you to form a line-up, then we're going to spend some time in the studio rehearsing our songs. And when we're done we're going to play gigs in Glasgow area. We'd like to record a new EP album this winter/spring as well.

You can check us out on our facebook band page and if you're interested let us know.

Moshing Samurai
Hey all, we're still looking for people. Let us know if you're interested.