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I'm curious, do any of you stutter or stammer often (as a speech impediment)?

I personally stammer a lot when I talk unfortunately, and tend to repeat, mispronounce, or even lose my voice for a second.

I think it has a lot to do with the fact that I am tongue tied (I forgot the medical term, but basically I can't fully stick out my tongue because there is an extra part of my tongue attached to the bottom of my mouth). This makes it harder for me to pronounce certain words, or enunciate properly, as the motion of my tongue is limited.

I don't think that my stuttering has anything to do with a mental disability, but more of a physical one, and as I grew up, I guess it affected the development of my speech.

So, do any of you have any tips for stuttering or stammering, and do any of you stutter or stammer yourself?
Very rarely...but there have been times when I've stuttered on certain words. But it might happen every 1500 words :P
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Not so much, but I always talk far too fast in social situations and no one can understand a word I say.

I also occasionally struggle with saying words beginning with H, and it takes me an extra second or so to get the word out.
I stutter and mumble all of the time. I had to go to speech therapy for about 7 years to learn how to pronounce s, c, sh, ch, t, l and r. I still struggle with the letter r sometimes. It sucks. I even have found ways out of saying some words. Like I never say the world "girl" so I just say ladyfriend, eventually it got caught on with other people surprisingly.
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I do the same as you TS. Especially if I start getting excited and talking faster. I always have to stop, and slow down again. My friends all find it funny; whenever we get together to drink, their speech gets worse as they drink more, while mine gets better.
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Nah, but sometimes I get finger twitschgshchesgws
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Not so much, but I always talk far too fast in social situations and no one can understand a word I say.

This. Except I do it when I am speaking faster than my conscious brain can process it and when I'm extremely nervous. It also doesn't help when people look at me differently because I cannot speak properly.
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I don't know, but my sister said that I stutter, which seems true, since I talk quite fast, and often stumble upon my words. I also have a hell of a time with saying s or sh sounds. Everytime I say something like "I have to shave", it comes out as "I have to save". What can you do, though?

Also, most people have a hard time understanding anything I say.
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Right now I'm just trying to practice reading out loud by my self, and consciously focusing on not stammering. I hope it helps. I've realized that outside of school, I actually don't talk to anyone, so it makes sense to practice more talking.
All the time, but that's because I'm always sleep deprived.
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Only when I talk to girls.
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I do occasionally, but it doesn't happen too often. Some times my mouth starts uttering complex phrases while my mind is still thinking about what to say, which may lead to complications.
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It's going to sound odd, but I do it (stutter) on purpose sometimes, sort of a habbit, I don't know why.
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OT: I actually have a terrible time with stuttering. It's not that I'm shy or anything, its just a mental disorder I've grown up with. Even small words such as "now" or "into" can be very difficult to say. I'm also dyslexic and terribly slow, so that might accept it a bit.
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Yeah, but it's more of a social anxiety omg I'm freaking out type of thing.

and when it happens, it just kind of snowballs and I just stop and frown, and precede to tell the person I got tongue tied or whatever and laugh about it.
Only when I'm extrememly angry, essentially whenever it happens my speech becomes almost incoherent
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ya i stutter a lot
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I stutter occasionally if I'm more concentrated on talking than thinking.

So I usually concentrate more on thinking which makes me talk slow but it's better than stuttering.
I stutter all the time. Like really bad sometimes. It sucks so much. When you get written off as a retard it's pretty lame... but I actually graduated highschool a year early, and when I'm not stuttering I'm really social, but on a bad day I barely talk at all.
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I speak normally.


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Yeah I stutter and mispronounce words a lot. Have to think of what I want to say before I say it.
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I used to stutter a little bit when I talk, when I was in grade school or so. But I met a friend when I was in high school that made me improve. I just did it unintentionally, because we always communicated only in English, and both our vocabulary were relatively wide.

I rarely stutter now. I'm thinking all the presentations that are part of tertiary education (at least at where I stay) has helped somewhat.
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I don't usually stutter, but I got extremely sick earlier this year and it COMPLETELY changed my voice and how I speak. But not in a good way. Now, words slur together, words with the letter S seem to not come out right, almost as if I had a lisp.. And my voice strains when trying to say more than a few words at a time now.

I don't know what happened. What I had was similar to mono, which I've had five or six times now, so it wasn't a huge deal.. But something this time drastically altered how I sound. I hate it. It's quite difficult to explain as well.
Often in mid sentence, I'll completely forget what I was saying or what I wanted to say next. Gets really annoying.
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I'm thinking all the presentations that are part of tertiary education (at least at where I stay) has helped somewhat.

Wait, what...I haven't had a single presentation, or even said anything during a class that was on topic.
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Wait, what...I haven't had a single presentation, or even said anything during a class that was on topic.

Looks like it's a regional thing then.
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Looks like it's a regional thing then.

Or maybe it's just our majors...what are you studying?
I lose my voice a lot when I'm having to speak over loud music and shiz, that's about it really.

Once i went through a phase where if i was talking to someone, i would occasionally get the feeling as though my mouth started moving independently to my thoughts, and that isn't a metaphor for me saying the wrong thing, i literally had to stop talking, gather my thoughts. It was especially bad if i was talking to someone on the phone, or if i had been drinking alot the day before.

Think of that next time you are not allowed to laugh.
Very rarely, but sometimes I'll stumble over my words because I'll be talking too quickly, realize it, try to slow down, then realize I've mispronounced something, which leads me to repeat the word with the same retarded... ah, you get what I mean. Thankfully, it doesn't happen often.

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