I'm currently looking for a Lead Guitarist, Melodic Vocalist, Drummer and Bassist. People that have been playing for at least a couple years with their instrument(Please at least 2 years). I'm interested in the more melodic/pop punkish side of post-hardcore, not the heavier side of it. Though I would like to throw in some distorted vocals here and there.

I can play rhythm guitar and do Screams (High, mid and low pitches)

I own a decent guitar , decent mic and a mixer for recording.

Please don't be egotistical , please be friendly, and please be patient with everyone, as well as being somewhat dedicated to the project.

Please note that we will NOT BE DOING COVERS.

Bands that influence me, Senses Fail , Emery, Silverstein.

If you're interested please post a reply in this thread. I was planning to make some original music with my current bands but i was out voted and they decided to start with covers. I really want to create my own material, and get more experience as a guitarist before I get into a more serious band.


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I can do guitars, drums and synths. And am happy to write drum parts but otherwise I'm more looking to just be given the music and jam it out so I won't be too involved in the writing process if you use me.

Hit me up if you have any songs that need stuff. Ignore my sig, I'll do it for free.
Hey I'm your guy. I've been playing guitar for about 8 years. I'm competent on an electric drum set (easy for recording) and I've been lead vox in three bands. The best of which was called Some Kind Of Perfect back in 2007, searchable on myspace still I think. I also mess around with the keyboard every once in a while.


(don't make fun of the x before and after - I had no part in that)

Silverstein is one of my biggest influences so I definitely think we'd work pretty well. I have some song ideas that I've recorded recently, just like a minute snippet of what was in my head with a full ensemble.

The one thing I will say is that I am definitely a fan of technical double bass kicks and synching guitars with them for heavier parts. But I like a lot more singing than screaming all together.

All in all - I'm interested in back up vocals, guitar, drums, bass guitar. Which ever one of those you need most.

Hit me up.