AMP UPGRADE TIME GUYS. was wanting some input here, ive been debating between 2 different amps
the line 6 spyder iii 30 watt for 170 or the line 6 spyder IV 30 watt for 200
seen some videos and such but was hoping for some input from local community

or possibly wait and get the IV 75 watt since it has so much more to it at only 100$ more D; decisions decisions
Neither? For $300, shoot for a used Peavey Vypyr 60 tube combo!
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if you have to choose between those 2 i'd get the 4 instead of the 3. however if your really into modelling a vyper tube would be a way better option.
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Don't get a spider. They're not very good. There are better amps to be had, like the vypry tube.
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Vyper tube, for the love of christ.
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Seriously, the Spyders are horrible. Check out either a Vox Valvetronix, a Peavey Vypyr or even an Orange Crush Series before the Spyder. Line 6 amps aren't any good until you get to their high end models, which does not include Spyders.
dont make the same mistake i did.... Go get that Vyper tube. cause you can not beat the 6506 modeling. Greatness
Don't rule out Roland Cube's either, awesome amps, but still, for the sake of your ears and wallet, get the Vyper tube.
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If you're hell-bent on Line6, DEFINITELY go with the IV. Sounds exponentially better than the III.

I would also recommend looking into Bugera, they make great tube amps at great prices but you'd be paying a little more than twice as much as you are currently willing to spend. Maybe less if you find a used one. Totally worth it IMO. No cheesy effects, but tonally it beats any modeling amp out there (except maybe a few high-end ones that cost as much as a real tube amp)
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well to add to what everyone else just said..I just bought a Vypyr tube 60 recently and I love my life...
it came down to these 2 because thats what was advised by friend XD so i came here to see if they were right and boy were they wrong thanks guys, ima check out the vypyr tubes so spoken highly of
Definitely the Vypyr over the Line 6. I don't like how the Spider makes every guitar sound the same (and bad)
Wise choice. You'll thank us more once you get it.
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Quote by WtrPlyr
wuts a spyder?

haha idk man i know theres something where they spell it that way but wasnt caring too much, thinking of the car probably but anyways back on topic, yea i saw every1 was saying the vypyr over the spider XD i only had 1 opinion so i came here to check and everyone helped show i could do better than advised and i thank you all very much for helping like usual with any questions, gonna look at GC this weekend when i go up to find a case