Hey there errbody! Im a guitarist who just got screwed out of the florida music scene due to being on 3 years probation.... <-- great intro huh? Anyhow, i figure id see who wants to throw something together. Obviously this requires each member to have his/her own recording interface and that sort of stuff... i myself run protools 9 HD w/ 11 rack for guitars and that sort of stuff!

Need the following...

Second Guitar
Possibly Synths? (who knows 0.o)

Prog, Melo-deth, thrash, hardcore, w/e... i learned not to waste time trying to go for a particular "style" whatever you bring to the table is what gets used and eventually it forms its own thing! Anyhow, thanks for reading. If your interested, sweet! if not, no big deal... happy hunting! ~ Hotsauce Enima
I might be interested doing guitar and or vocals depending on what we're playing.
I can do drums and synths if you like. I use ezDrummer and Massive so it'll be top-notch soundwise.

I'm more interested in doing the synths though 'cause I don't get much of a chance to use all my stuff in my music.