Woah! Haven't been here for a while!

Summer's been a bummer for everyone looking for a lover,
Especially the fighters, something backfired.
Did that crotch shot make you stop
And wanna do it over again?

I know you ain't malevolent, you're just an adolescent
Had some frontal lobes still under development
But now she's gotta mature with a seed planted in her
"Is it gonna be worth it this time?"

But I've got to let you go

You're just learning to drive
You're first crash, guess I'll let it slide
You're just learning to drive
But you better get insured for the next time

Autumn's been a catch for all the shit that fell through the cracks
Stuff you thought you cut off is all coming back
When you were younger did you ever wonder
If you'd wanna do it over again?

Winter's on its way with its snow days, seasonal lattes
A bit enigmatic, don't get caught up in the stigmatic
Social isolation, white wall of precipation
The feeling of abandon goes hand in hand

You've just got to let it go

We're just learning to drive
Our first crash, we're not gonna die
We're just learning to drive
But we'll be sure there's not a next time
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For a moment I thought velcro shoes were ones with the whole bottom made of velcro

She could walk up your pubes with those

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this post has aids
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and 07'ers will always be well-respected members of UG society.