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The Beginning of Promise
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The Reliance of Life
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The Presence of Will
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Foreign Heart
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There Are Always Two
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Void Rain
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Memories of The Past
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The Inverse Approach
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Greetings Forum,
This summer, I was working on a week music project.
The project is about recording guitar instrumental album. Though, I had a limited time, it went the good way.
By that time, I had written & performed 8 songs.
All of the are very unique and couldn't be categorized to a genre, in my opinion.
So, it's the time to release it into the public. I Hope you'll liked it!

Band's Facebook Profile: Here (Click)

Band's Name: FingerNote
Album's Name: Musician's Novel
Album's Total Time: About 19 minutes.
Album's Artwork is painted by Santeri Kivioja.
Obviously, I (Simonas Kuzmickas) have written the music and performed it.
Though, on a few songs in several places, some of my friends are played as well.
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