I'm running a Peavey 6505+ with a Line 6 M13 in the effects loop, and the M13 has stereo outputs for right and left. For experimentation's sake, I ran a cable out of the right side output into the effects return of my Ibanez TBX150 practice amp for stereo effects. But the second I put the cable into the jack, I get a whole bunch of static coming out of both amps. The static isn't terribly loud, but it makes any bedroom level practicing impossible. When I turn the volume up, the amp gets louder, but the static stays the same. Other than the static, the effects work and everything sounds fine, but I can't hear anything over the dull roaring of static.

Neither amp makes any kind of white noise like that until I tie them together. The M13 has a noise gate built into it, and I tired that but it didn't do anything. I just sold a bunch of amps and bought new ones, and my last stereo setup never did this, so I'm confused, and this is really frustrating. I can't imagine a power conditioner helping, but I'm out of ideas. Anyone got any?

Also, its the same hum you get when you have a grounding issue, which neither amp has as far as I know. If that helps at all.
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Haha oh but it is a grounding issue, each amp is at a different ground level. You would have to use an isolation transformer or lift the ground of one.

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Or plug them into outlets you know have the same ground. Use an extension cord and plug everything in there, then they'll be at the same ground which means no static