Okay so i wrote the bridge and chorus riff a few months back but never knew anywhere to take it, i eventually just threw in the first verse that came to my mind while i was playing and this is what happened, I've only got one guitar track and its just simply the verse, bridge and chorus. If anyone can throw an intro in there for me thatd be amazing because at the moment I'm stuck.
Track 2.gp5
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First off, when I read groovy metal I got my hopes up but then...

anyway, this is a rather basic riff and I mean, it really shouldnt be too hard to add to it.

The first riff can be used as an intro as well, just have the first guitar paly it for 2-4 bars and then enter with all the other intruments (drums with open hi hats). Probably a little solo/melody over it for another 4-8 bars and then you're set to use it as a verse riff with a bit more p.m., closed hi hats in the drums etc.

The following riff soudns rather metalcore-ish so you might as well go all out and get some harmonies going there, you know waht I mean. Just for 4 bars to use iit as a prechorus (not bridge) and then take the actual chorus and make it twice as long by copypasting it and altering the last bar to make a good transition.

If you do it like that there's no need for another intrumental break or bridge thing or whatever as you just had an instrumental prechorus, can just go in again with the intro riff and change the solo/melody around. Could imagine some wah/whammy stuff over it that can easily be tweaked around.

After that you got your pre chorus and chorus again. Depending on your taste you can get some whiny half tempo bridge after the second chorus and then go over into the solo part, or you can go all out again and get some riffage in there before the solo.

depending what kind of solo you can come up with you can probably just get a little re-intro after the solo with only the first guitar playing and then skip the verse/pre chorus part and go directly into the chorus, make it twice as long and after that hav ethe intro riff play for another 2 bars and you're done.

also, using the gp function to label your individual sections of the song really helps.

and if you dont mind, check out this song here https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1484790
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