Hi everyone.

I would like to get some guitar wall mounts to display my guitars instead of them just sitting in their cases. I have looked around on the internet and see that amazon offers them, as well as amazon, and so does a website called guitarideas.net which seems to have the best ones. Has anyone had good or bad experiences with wall mounts? I really want to get a good quality one because I know if a bad quality one breaks it can potentially send a beautiful instrument crashing to the ground if it fails! Also do you know if people from the guitar shop will come out to install them or is that a 'do it yourself job?'

Thanks so much.
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hey mate, yeah i have two up and they were only 10 bucks each at the local music shop. have worked for around 3 years no absolutely no problems
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I have two of the Hercules mounts/stands. A stand, and a wall mount. The wall mount is as strong as I've seen. If you hang your Squier, get anything....if you hang a valued item...get a Hercules.

I just got this one a couple of days ago and it works great, only 2 screws for montage the strength suprised me a lot for that amount of money!


If u think that such a cheap mount would suck then let me tell u that my guitar teacher uses them for multiple of his Gibson Custom limited edition guitars (total worth €20000+).

hope this helped u!
Get something good from your local music shop. The only damage that comes from wall hangers is PEOPLE THAT FAIL TO MOUNT THEM TO STUDS AND COMPLAIN THAT THEY DON'T WORK!!!!!!!!!

I have 4 or 5 of them, all different brands but you shouldn't have to worry about them, unless it's 5 or 6 years and the Y piece is loose...

EDIT: I didn't see that last part. It's a DIY thing.

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I've got metal ones. Most seem to work well, just make sure you get something solid. I always mount mine on a bit of timber and then onto the wall (make sure you find a beam).
I have been using the same coupleof string swing wall hangers for 8 yrs and they are great.
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