So ever since I started playing the guitar (a year ago) I've always done down-strums with the thumb and then up-strums with the index finger contrary to my pick strumming friends.

Strumming with just the fingers just seemed more appealing and gave out in my opinion a more mellowly tone to it, rather than that "clanky" feeling.
Am I missing out on something by not using a pick? Or am I just strumming the wrong way with the pick?

Sidenote: Oyeah, about downstrumming with the thumb and upstrums with the index finger, is that even normal? It feels like I'm the only one who does that?
thats how i strum on an accoustic and then when needed finger pick, i prefer this because i think picks sound way to harsh on an accoustic so do that for a more mellow feel, but if your using electric then i'd say pick up a pick i favour the Dunlop Jazz 3
Please can you describe how you do the upstrum with your index?
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Please can you describe how you do the upstrum with your index?

By just strumming across the string with the flesh underneath the nail.
I sometimes use all my fingers to strum up and down in a rapid motion.
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I've done that too until I got my electric guitar. It's impossible at high speeds.