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just click the link you dont have to read my crap I just thought it might help sell the idea

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Hi guys I've been building stringed instruments for about 4 years now, its been a journey and a bit learning experience.
I started trying to make a custom electric guitar with all the specs for metal as any 15 year old would haha, but failed. Then moved onto cigar box guitars because they were simple, easy to make and had a tad bit of class, and now I focus purely on ukuleles.

Over these years the biggest challenge has been learning how to do stuff... like dove tail joints, bending sides, wiring etc.. and with the internet and resources like this site its been a breeze getting a lot of information. but a lot of times methods and such are not fully described.

By using this forum to share methods, tips, tricks, measurements, tools or anything else us guitar builders might need to know this could become a great resource for any lutheir from amateur to pro.
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sorry buddy but you're not allowed to advertise here.


Tell me what is he advertising???

Yeah this isn't really advertising I'm just trying to make a wiki to help the guitar building community, I don't profit from this at all, in fact I'm spending my own time helping you guys.