hello, well i have a guitar that cost me about 150 euros a copy of a stratocaster guitar, bad pickups, bad materials, the wood i think is fine but i dont know what type of wood is, i wanted to know if it is worth buying new pickups and all the stuff or not? what do you think

i also have an ibanez iceman ict700 but i wanted to do something with this old friend of mine
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I'd probably invest in a mexi strat and then go abouts upgrading that. I don' think it is worth upgrading a strat copy unless it is some dangerous modding you plan on doing that involves drilling and whatnot.
I think it is not bad to customize your guitars. I used to do it a lot in the past. It's a good exercise if you got skills, and how else would you get experienced with all those custom things like special sounding pickups etc? It's also a good way to upgrade a low level guitar (for example changing noisy pickups or shield the interior).

Nowadays, however, I don't tweak my instruments a lot, just to achieve some small special things.

By the way, congratulations on the ICT700. It's good one!
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Every guitar is worth customizing if you like to...
Have fun and play it

A lot!


Just have fun... especially with a copy... get it sounding just how you want it.., THEN put money into a MIM strat if you want...

Might find that you don't need to..

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