There is a TL;DR for those who don't want to read this entire paragraph. I've been playing guitar for three years, and I have primarily been learning metal from Metallica to Opeth. The thing is, my skills aren't quite to the point where I can play the complex solos of Marty Friedman or Dimebag. I'm looking for songs that have solos that are less difficult than all out shred like the solos off of kill em all or rust in peace, but more difficult than the solo from sweating bullets. The hardest song that I can play all the way through at the moment is Orion, so that gives you an idea of what I can play. TL;DR Please recommend me some songs that have solos that will help me increase my speed, but aren't all out shred. Any responses would help!
Speed comes with practice, in my opinion you could pick a kill em all solo and practice it. If you practice it well it should not be too hard.

Anyways, the solos of The black album aint too hard. Iron maiden solos would prob also be a good idea, like the trooper, number of the beast, run to the hills etc.

EDIT: My bad, speed comes with PERFECT practice. Relaxed motions, so make sure not to tense up. If you tense up, you have to practice slower and get relaxed before you can move on.
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Speed comes when you make your picking motions and fretting motions as small, economical, and relaxed as possible. As those kinds of movements become more and more habitual, you will become more capable of playing more rapid and complex passages.

If you want to challenge and improve your technique, you don't want to pick songs that are within your abilities. You want to pick something that is going to challenge you and learn to play that. If you want to play solos on Marty Friedman's level, you might as well not beat around the bush and just learn some Marty Friedman solos. The key is to practice slowly and emphasize economy of motion and cleanliness of technique.

If you want some stuff to learn while you're at it so you have some variety in what you're playing, learn some Opeth songs. They're a ton of fun and I enjoy playing them a lot. Look at The Funeral Portrait and Blackwater Park. Neither song is particularly challenging, but they're both a blast to play and have fun solos that are fairly slow but use a variety of different techniques.
I agree with Geldin on this one...go ahead and pick songs that are out of your skill level and practice, practice, practice. Even if you are just working on one new song a week or so you will be amazed out how fast you will improve .
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