Hi, I'm new to the forums. Anyway, I have been searching the web high and low looking for a tab of Bach's Gavotte 1 & 2 BWV 1012 in E major, but all I'm able to find is that in C major. I could probably just transpose the whole thing into E, but don't really feel like taking the time to do that. I even ordered a book of Bach tabs for classical guitar, and of course it's in C. So I'm wondering, does anyone have an idea where to go to get a good tab of this piece in E major instead of C major?
Capo? just plop it on the 4th fret, that'll raise it to E... i believe
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Indeed, we are after all going up four 1/2 steps, not down.

Besides, with a capo on the fourth fret, the guitar would have more of a mid range sound. Not exactly like, but perhaps in the spirit of a harpsichord.
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Capo? just plop it on the 4th fret, that'll raise it to E... i believe

Yeah, I could do that. But I was hoping someone had the tab for the way Segovia plays it. He uses the low E for the bass notes, so using the capo would kind of prevent me from being able to do that.
You could use a "Drop D" capo to retain the E in the bass. Granted that would prevent fingering the F# & G# on the E-6 string in that key.

You might try searching for transposition software, and a cheap flat bed scanner as a last resort.

Given that playing these pieces in E Major, would no doubt be accompanied by a change of chord inversions, your last, and perhaps only hope, would be transposing the sheet music. I'm sure you know that, sorry.
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