Okay so I'm not really sure whether I'm asking this in the correct section or not but there's this thing that confuses me. Why do people want to get rid of the pick sound you get as you strum the guitar(acoustic) ? I think it sounds nice.
On a side note, is there any way I could strum my guitar with the "pick" sound? I mean like, any particular type of picks that I've to get or something to do with the strings?

Here's a sample of what I meant by the "pick" sound. It can be heard at the beginning of the song:
as to to why some people want to get rid of the pick sound not everyone think it sounds nice

but if you want to ge tmore of the "pick sound" i find that strumming with the pick kind of at an angle get it to have a more picky sound and turning up the treble a tad also helps
Are you sure they were talking about acoustic?
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I remember when I tried very thin picks it was very clicky (playing perpendicular to the strings) on an acoustic.
There's a good chance that what I've written above is useless and if you take any of the advice it's your own fault.
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Thinner picks make that sound when you play on acoustic. If you want that sound, you'll want to use lighter picks and strum softly but firmly with the pick at an angle.
thin picks for "pick" sound, use fatter ones (.72's, yellow Dunlops) to get rid of it. But don't get 'em too fat or it will make everything sound very choppy and LOUD
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I always noticed this too. Some people just like that weird sound. I do too sometimes.

Sort of on topic, but do you ever hear that unintentional "swiping" sound of sliding your fingers across frets? Not actually sliding the note, but sliding to move from one fret to another to play the next note. Some musicians keep it and some don't. I feel like its the same reasoning for your picking observation.
Oasis' Wonderwall wouldn't be the same without the ''Pick'' Sound.Not everyone dislikes it.
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It's just personal preference.

As for getting a "pick sound", try playing with a heavier gauge pick.

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