Hey folks. I've got some guitar gear I want to sell. I roughly know the prices of a lot of them but I'm not really sure about this amp.

It's a Marshall Valvestate VS100 100w and was bought in 1994, and has the date on it to be 1994. It's pretty much in perfect condition, barely been played.

Can any wizards tell me how much I should roughly sell this for?
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Oh, and it isn't the head, it's the actual amp itself.

A head is the amp. You mean it's a combo.

~$200 is pretty fair. Though, I've seen them sell as low as $100 and as high as $350.
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maybe you're not saying the right things? an amp likes to know you care.

Wait is it a cab or a combo amp? Either way a hundred is about right I guess
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$250 if you are lucky.
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You'd be lucky to get £100 for it tbh... where are you located?

Scotland, Edinburgh .... Thanks for the info guys
You may get more for it then what i stated some people in completed listings have got like 140 quid for it but others have got like 80?!
but yah i'd say 100-120 for quick sale.
Yeah i'll try and go high, see what happens.. Little back of background info why i'm selling my gear if anyone cares I just joined a band as the vocalist/songwriter, and i don't actually need my guitar/amp for live performances, or rehersal, i just need something at home to write songs on because i can just use one of my bandmates guitars and teach them the songs in rehersals. So i'm selling everything and gonna go for a semi-acoustic guitar, Epiphone ES-355 Dot, or a Casino. I can hook it up to my computer aswell if i really need a home-amp.
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Scotland, Edinburgh .... Thanks for the info guys

Damn... If you were a bit closer I'd have bought it from you