Here's a sort of trippy looper based tune recorded live. A lot of simple noodling with a few layers. Hope you enjoy it.

Jelly Jam

Give it a listen and post a link for C4C.
Man i enjoy the stuff you post. since i've heard "some bird" i've checked your soundcloud a bit and some of the tracks are really cool. They work really well as background tracks and as Tibouk said, could easily fits in some movies.

and in this one, compared as in "some bird", the repetitive loop works well imo. i don't have really much negative to say to this track.

keep up the good work !

this was not much of a crit, but i'd appreciate if you checked my thread.
UVER, that was critique enough for me. There is nothing more I'd like to hear than if someone enjoys my songs.

I know that the drums are repetitive. I know the mix isn't the best. I know that the timing wavers here and there. I know the fade-ins aren't the way songs are normally done. But until I can move past the live recording using the looper, my songs are going to be what they are, and there is very little I can do to fix any of that after the fact.

But I'm still hoping people will find something unique about them and be able to enjoy listening. I try to make my songs as chill as possible and inject enough variation to make them interesting. I think they might take several listens to get in to. Perhaps some mind altering substance of your choice would help.
Sweet loop-jam, very nice feel to it. It has a cool voodoo chile feel, and the licks are tasteful. However, some of the bends are kind of sour at times. Also the riff gets a little bit repetitive after a while. I think this would do better as a 2-minute jam, unless you wanna change up the riff/chords. The recording quality is nice, nothing to complain about there really.
Overall, nice tune.
Thanks for the comments Zimens. Yeah there was a section in there where i lift a Voodoo Chile style riff, but at a leisurely pace. I hear ya about the length, but I guess I have a penchant for somewhat repetitive chill music and wouldn't do it any other way. Nonetheless, I do want to get people's honest impression.

I have another loop jam in my link called Drifter and the main thing I don't like about it is that it's only 2 minutes. For me to enjoy something like this I feel like 4 minutes is the minimum. I do get that people feel it gets repetitive. But if that's the case I don't think what I'm going for works for them.
Really nice, Fly. Definitely the best I've hard so far. Really simple, really cool. It's actually got a cool groove to it. The looped riff is really cool, I like how it's mostly a low groove and that one high note pops out.

Even though the riff gets 'repetitive' (people people people it's a looper, that's kinda what happens ) I thought the song got better as it went along. You did the right thing in building the solo up. You barely notice that background looped riff as the emphasis gets placed on the bluesy solo. Pretty good playing on this one too, Fly.

Awesome job!

Just posted my sixth song, you should check it out when you get a chance