Hello guitarists! Ive been seeing alot of people DIY mod their guitar lately to increase playability and shredabilty The only ones ive seen so far is taking the clear coat off the neck and scalloping the last 12 frets. If anyone has anymore mods or tricks to like this to increase playability please share them! Thankies
getting the action as low as it can without fret buzz is meant to help, which would involve shaving off the nut a little to be optimal but if you have a floyd/edge/similar that's just not practical because it's not reversible) make sure your frets are levels, and your neck relief is set just right, then take your bridge and nut down as low as they will go without fret buzz, (the nut will be harder to do).

if you're really feeling ambitious... (side note: I'm not honestly suggesting this, way more work than the benefits warrant)

remove frets, resand fretboard to an 18" or 20" radius, refret with jumbos, level and crown all frets, scallop all 24 frets.
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tight strings low action light touch

scalloped frets help too
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All of them.

New electronics for electric guitars, top of the range everything, from pot to pickup to jack input & switches.

Now... At the end of the day with guitars, it comes down to the wood and the truss rod found in the neck. - good wood = good sound, good truss rod = good sound. - each truss rod is like a finger print screwed into the guitar and is basicaly something that can spell death to the guitar if it can't be repaired... you can have ALL the mods you want; I've got low budget guiatrs I like that I've modded... I just now know the importance of good wood.

Mod the bridge - freak it, try to be the next Jimi Hendrix.
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