Hey UG, I've been playing for about 3 years and I've oreally far since I started playing but I've been realizing I don't have the same drive to learn new things as I used to. It's something that I really miss to be honest. When I first started playing, it used to be like a new quest every time I picked up my guitar, there was so much to learn. Now that I know my theory, scales, a decent amount of info about tech and that drive to learn just isn't as strong anymore. I don't want to put down the guitar (I go to blues jams every Weds, and jam with different people at school), I still have a great time when I'm playing, but I don't have the desire to learn that I used to. Learning different styles certainly helped but once you learn something/understand how it works it gets a little old. Any tips on how to get that drive back? Do you think taking a break for a couple of days will help?

Thanks in advance!
"The most important thing about music is energy and emotion, not how well you can play. Technique should be a tool to achieve your vision, not the other way around."
-Jeff Tuttle

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Listen to different music. I was the same a few weeks ago. Then, I found funk. And I've now been learning a lot of funk songs.
Put new strings on your guitar. Honestly, it makes guitar playing feel so much more enjoyable if you've not been playing so much recently. It helps way more than you'd think!
Well, that's simple - Don't learn anything new.
If you still enjoy playing without learning, it shouldn't be a problem. Keep playing whatever it is you like playing and listening to different bands and genres and at some point you'll find something you want to learn.
Do what WholeLottaIzzy said, it's true.

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Whenever I hit this sort of slump, I watch a video of one of my favourite guitarists (ie Tommy Emmanuel) and I get real inspired to play as well as him. Try that out.
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