So bassically, I am in Sudbury Ontario Canada. Grey Kingdom (Spencer Burton from Attack in Black's side project) and Baby Eagles ( Steve Lambke from the constantines side project) are playing at the townhouse here, which is a tavern that I have played at and love to go to. ANYWAYS. I wana really go, but everyone has ditched me that said they would go. PLus most of my friends in rez are underage so they cant go. The others are ether busy or dont wana listen to folk rock. SO do I go alone? Will it be lame for me to do that? Or do I still look for people to go?

I know stupid question...but hey, better than an adbot
Go if it means that much to you.
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Well, of course you should go, but going alone is what you make it.

I've went to some free music festival in my town alone in hopes of finding a friend who I could hang out with, which turned out unfortunate, which made the experience quite bad because I found no one.