Hello people, i have a problem, i dont know if it is a problem, but let me tell you, my band bassist says that my songs (i am the composer) have too much changes and parts, (riffs, breaks, bridges, etc) we arent a heavy metal band but i dont want a song to sound the same 3 chords progression all the time, so im wondering if it is too much. I let you hear a new song that we are working on (first time we played it), i recorded it on my cellphone so it sounds ugly but you get the idea of what im telling you.


it starts at 0:10
i think he just doesnt want to learn all the parts you are writing for him

but as long as it works theres no reason for a song to have too many or too little of something
but maybe oyu should write some simple songs or let the bassist write something so they dont feel like their input isnt being taken into consideration
Turn down his mids until he learns his lesson.

If he turns purple, get a new bassist.
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