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I think Adventure Time is pretty damn cool. It's very retro to me, mostly because it seems to be a quality show. It's very crazy and free-spirited, but in the end it's just about a boy and his dog and their adventures.
Acceptable at best. They are more for people who mirror things they see others do, like how people repeat Tourettes Guy stuff all the time. Funny the first couple of times, then annoying, especially when girls start speaking in LSP's Valley Girl accent.

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Regular Show is lame.
Adventure Time is fun.
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Regular show is BRO-Approved.
Therefore, It's one of the only shows currently on Cartoon Network that kicks ass.
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Regular show is fine.
Adventure Time is shit.
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Regular Show is lame.
Adventure Time is fun.

Although I don't like the new AT series as much
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I prefer Flapjack and Chowder.
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I remember one of the first episodes of the Regular Show said pissed. I was like "Is this cartoon network?"

The rebliousness and randomness is what keeps older people interested, the story and morals that are taught into the story is what makes it young children approved.

Older shows like Chowder, and that show with Flapjack and a pirate had the same method of cartoonism.
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I prefer Flapjack and Chowder.

These two and Adventure Time for me. The other one is meh.
Fuck off you cuntsponge, Adventure Time is awesome.

You'd do well to remember that, you wanker.
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I prefer Flapjack and Chowder.

This, I loved those two. Why did they get rid of them? :|

Adventure time is pretty good though, especially after smoking. Then it's mindblowing. Regular show... Well, the title suits it.
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New Cartoon Network shows are crap.
Old Cartoon Network shows rock.

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Only seen Regular Show. Not bad, a damn good little stoner show. I would let my kids watch it, looks like the kinda shit I watched as a kid.
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Regular Show is awesome... reminds me of the older CN stuff. Lemmy from Motorhead as the Grim Reaper... awesome. And the Halloween special was badass. Adventure Time is all right, but not in the same league as Regular Show in my opinion.
Regular Show has gotten a little less phantasmagorical, some of them are fairly straightforward.

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Hipster bullshit

Regular Show seems to address this demographic moreso than Adventure Time. When they drive that haunted RV into the crash-hole thing, the entire crowd cheering -all blatant hipsters, wool-knit hats and all- gets incinerated.

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Adventure Time is so shitty

Regular Show is amazing
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I've yet to watch Regular Show, but I love the balls out of Adventure Time. It seems to be in the same field as Spongebob and Ren and Stimpy.