so this is probably my 3rd thread on a similar topic. today i returned my ehx memory boy and picked up the carbon copy because the guy at guitar center said he loved it. i got home and plugged it in. it sounds good on cleans but with dirty channels it adds some depth to the sound but you can't really hear the repeats. it sounds like it's getting lost in the mix.

so here are 2 questions: where should i put it in my chain? i have tuner>wah>distortion>delay

and is there any other suggestions for something in the same price range, my next step is the tc electronics flashback
try putting it in the effects loop so its after the preamp distortion. also, dont listen to anything anyone tells you about sound, only you know what you want, not some gc employee looking to make a quick buck.
yeah i diffenetly wouldn't get something based on a gc employees opinion. you had the order right but depending on what amp you have it would go in the FX loop.
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You probably want a powerful digital delay if you want it to sound good with heavy distortion. No analog stuff. Have you checked out any of the Boss DD's? The 7 is very good.
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i actually put it before my distortion box and it sounds a ton better and is pretty much exactly what i've been looking for.