I've recently played a Gibson SG with P-90's and really enjoyed it. I'm seriously considering purchasing, but I want a heavier bridge. I like solo'ing on the neck, but I play rhythm on the bridge. Im planning to play in Drop-Db. (Drop-d all tuned down a half step)

I was considering a mini hb to get into a modern metal range. Is it worth it to go this route...or is it better to go with the model with two humbuckers.

I know most people say that it's up to the player, but pup for pup...are there any mini humbuckers that will measure up?
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Wouldn't it be as simple as getting a custom pickguard for it? Pretty sure the pups are mounted to the pickguard on Gibby SGs but don't flame me if I'm wrong, not 100% sure.
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DiMarzio makes a P90-sized Super Distortion, and I can get fine tones for older-school metal from my Super Disto-equipped ML, but if you want a really tight downtuned tone, I don't know about it(my ML's great for doom in that aspect, very dark, hellish tone in C# with high gain, but it's not very tight below Eb). Most minibuckers are directed at vintage-style tones to my knowledge, so I dunno, but you might be able to get a custom build, or if you don't mind looking a little awkward surely you can get some railbuckers and put them in(you can get converter rings so single coils'll fit for, like, $5). The 60s Tributes are incredible-feeling guitars though, man, if I could get one with a humbucker in the neck and a trem I'd be all over it! xD
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