This is an old family heirloom that I've had for a few years.

It has a spruce top, and flamed maple (I think) back and sides. It's brand is Norma. The only information I can find about them is that they made children guitars years ago. But this isn't no childs guitar. The only thing completely stupid about this guitar is the screwed on bridge with an adjustable saddle, and a hole that got knocked in it by a random crossbow falling on it.

It's beat up, it's needs a fret job, and the top is completely warped to where behind the bridge is wrinkled, and pieces of the rosette have popped out because the sound whole has been miss shaped. The plastic cup was used to try and keep the sound hole in shape (not my work) I took it out and it didn't really make a difference.

It's got pick scratches all over it because there's basically no finish. The pickguard has popped out and screwed in with screws (not my work)

I adore this guitar. I haven't played many acoustics, but the ones I've played don't feel like much of a guitar compared to mine. The character, look, history, and oddness of this guitar is what makes it special to me.

I'd like to get this thing worked on, i'd like to work on it myself because that would make it even more special to me. Then again, maybe I should just send it to a professional luthier and hope that it wont be super expensive.

What's the point this thread? I dunno, I just love my beatup, priceless guitar.
That poor thing has had enough half-assed repair jobs. Unless you know what you're doing, get the critical things fixed by a pro and forget about the rest. Then play the heck out of it and smile the whole time.
100% ZURF ! don't mess with the guitar's attitude. it's beautiful the way it is, it'd look hot next to my 84 YUGO ! seriously, i'd agrre with zurf, just the essentials. wish i had one with a history like that.
+200 on what Zurf said. Get the old girl fixed properly, then play play play!
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