I'm trying to figure out how to make these sounds but I'm not sure how.
The following is Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground by The White Stripes.
How do I make that noise at the very beginning of the song?
The next noise is from Farewell Continental's Who's the Boss
How do make both of those screeches at the beginning of the song?
I was thinking they were pinch harmonics but how exactly? I still need to practice those...
That's just a ton of feedback on both songs.
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You basically graze your finger against the string that you're picking. You can get a lot of good ones on the 5th fret. It depends on the person. I find them hard but my friend can do them no problem. I find it easier to use a smaller pick, like a Planet Waves Black Ice pick or anything similar to a small like a Dunlop Jazz-type pick.

It's just feedback.

To get it, you need to get up real close to your amp, and with a nice distorted tone, you'll get some feedback.

Remember though, feedback is very loud, and can damage your ears if done too loud!
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Do I need a whole bunch of equipment?
All I have is a Crate practice amp, Boss Ds-1 distortion pedal, and a Squier strat.
Once I get more money I'm hoping to buy more equipment.
Joe-Floyd-lover answered your question before you even asked it. Loud amp, lots of distortion, stand in the right spot.
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Don't argue with my new deity.
Ah right, I was just making sure because those other guys in the vids have big marshall amps and wah-wah pedals and such.
Thanks for the quick help everyone!