So, I've got a huge collection of original written material, but I haven't recorded any of it. So I'm starting my collection with this song I wrote a couple weeks ago.
Morningbreak (no vocals)
I improvised the solo while I was recording it, just to see how that would work out. Not very well... Plus, it's been a while since I had my guitar set up, so the intonation's a bit off.
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Don't like the sound of the snare that much. Also the kick drum isn't really cutting through enough, try EQ-ing a bit to help solve this. Like the tone of the lead guitar though. The melody in the intro is great, very triumphant sounding. You have plenty of nice riffs, it's well written. The solo wasn't bad like you made out. In fact it was pretty decent, except for it could have ended better.

Anyway, overall I really like it, maybe would work on the drum sound a bit.

I think the actual snare sound is good, but just a bit loud for me (also happens seemingly too often at one spot). This seems to be a bit of a rock'n roll jig to me (nothing wrong with that). I picture dancers in my head. Nice song! I like it! The playing is all tight. Please review my music at this link:

I think the drums sound good, they can just get a bit monotonous at times, you could try adding more fills or something to make them a bit more interesting. The solo is really nice man, short and sweet. You make this song flow really well, it has discernible verses and choruses and cool sounding melodies. I realise it's power metal but maybe you could have a few more raging riffs show up every now and then to power the song along a bit. Overall great job, here's my track:

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This seems to be a bit of a rock'n roll jig to me (nothing wrong with that).

Thanks. What I think you mean is "folk metal", which is exactly what I was going for. It was influenced by songs like this and this.
Cheers, C4C on the way. Crushingmetal, you should have yours by now.
Yeah, pretty cool song - the snare sounds a bit weird, other than that the song came out very well. Basically just some small improvements and it'd be a nice song, but power metal isn't really my thing lol.

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I enjoyed it! No complaints other than what everyone else is saying about the drums, the guitar (presumably the instrument of focus) is great!
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Only thing that gets to me is the drums, I don't like that sound. But dude, your guitar work is excellent. There are no boring parts in here at all. It's well written and executed perfectly. The melodies you've thrown in are great and flow nicely. The key changes are awesome too. This is a real solid work right here, and the mixing too is pretty good. Props on this man!