So my father just bought me a nice $400 Cordoba for a graduation gift. Its beautiful, however sometimes the strings buzz at the bride of the guitar. Its weird....its not coming from he frets (and sometimes it doesnt always happen). But sometimes when I play an F on the D string I get a bad buzz on the bridge.....or sometimes when i play the A open it buzzes.

Is this due to new strings? Shitty strings? Thoughts?
I have the same problem on my electric guitar, no idea what the problem is.

@behind you, your emoticon arrangement for the llama being my leader looks a lot like llama ass worship. I'm not judging :P
I found out what the problem was......turns out since its an electric acoustic....the springs that channel the batteries energy were vibrating! I took the battery out and stuffed some klenex inside

No more "Bridge buzzing"
great idea...can you stuff kleenex in a llama's bra legally? here in NY anythings legal accept llama worship...i'm moving to montana.
What ever you two are on could you please send me some. Cheers