Just curious what you guys think is the most challenging, unorthodox, "out there" blues solo you've ever heard.

For me it's probably Robben Ford's solo on "Rugged Road". The tension he creates and the chromatic runs he does are just crazy. I've been trying to break that solo down for over a year and I'm still dumbfounded by some sections of it.
Im sure the blues purists will have a problem with it, but the solo Mayer put on his version of Hendrix's Wait Until Tomorrow is so unbelievably good. It starts at 2:42, the speed and precision of this solo would definitely have made jimi proud.

I know it's not the most difficult track out there, but I just love SRV's Scuttle Buttin' - the energy on the track is just insane, and it grasps you with it!

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roy buchanan...any and all..one of the best,,,one of the missed...