If I was truly free, oh, the sights I'd see
But I killed a man

He wasnt doin' nothin' wrong, just a-singin' his song
Just a-playin' his tune

If I could take it back, throw my gun in a sack
Throw that sack in a hole

And oh, I've been here before, seen the familiar shores
Full circle I have come

And oh, how I followed this road
From door to door, many times, many times
From chair to floor, many times, many times

If I was truly free, oh, I'd see that man was me
But I took his eyes

But I took his sad life, oh, I cut short his breath
And I left him there

Now I stand alone, and when I can't stand no more
I'll be a different man

And oh, I've been to this place, wiped the blood off my face
Full circle I have come

And oh, how I travelled this road
From car to car, many times, many times
From near to far, many times, many times

And oh, now this road has taken me
All of the way, the last time, the last time
To heavens door, the last time...
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A few too many "and"s and "but"s... besides that, great. Dark and simple, as the blues should be.
Empty tankard! Empty Tankard!
in my head this is very slow. i was hoping that it would make it work but as it says in the title it is a work in progress so when i sit down to work on it the whole thing may change slightly