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I have hadde the stock gibson strings on les paul studio for 6 months now (yes, they still havnt broken after about 3-5 hours a day of playing) and i am certain that they are way past their time so i want to replace them with elixir nanoweb strings but i love the feel of my gibson strings so i want to know which gauge strings gibson put on their guitars straight from the factory so i know which gauge elixir strings to buy.

generally, it's a set of 42's (it's always been 42's on any guitar i've ever bought), but yeah, check a gear site and it'll tell you in the specs somewhere.
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ive checked guitar center and musicians friend and neither said which gauge strings the les pauls have. ill check gibson
Gibson Les Pauls have usually Genuine 010 - 046 Gibson strings stock. Some models have other strings, but for example, Studios come with 10s.
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are you sure that its gibsons strings on there? if you bought it form a shop it's almost certain that the shop has put something else on..

gibson themselfs put guitar with .10-.46's and if im correct its their own brand called brite wires. i use those still as normal strings i just love em too much.