I bought a Strat not long ago and the Pickguard has maybe "unglued" from the body slightly. If I press it down, when it comes back up I can see the neck pickup move with it. WTF has happened, is it serious and what can i do?

I stilll have guarantee
demand a replacement i guess, im no expert but if you buy something that isnt up to the guarenteed standards then you should be able to take it back for a replacement or refund.
the pickguard is not glued on. it uses screws to attachto the body. the pickups are in turn screwed on to the pickguard. this is very normal but you could try tightening the screws, not the ones on either sides of the pickups, those adjust the pickup hieght. next time you replace strings i suggest taking off the pickguard to see how everything works.

it is also not serious and affects nothing.
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Pickguards are screwed on. It's not uncommon for sections of them to warp away from the body a bit. As long as all the screws holding down the pickguard are in place, it shouldn't be a big deal.
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