Let's say I am playing a piece in the key of E major. Then I wanted to change the key. How can I do that? What are the possibilities? Can I change it to E minor?

^^ Sorry for the noob questions.

When I learnt about modulation, the circle of fifths was the first place to start as you become familiar with the keys that are closely related.

Second, was understanding the function of secondary dominants and how to create them.

There are many ways to modulate, but I generally stick to either pivot chord modulation, or direct modulation.
to change from e major to e minor what you can do is find a common chord in between them and then very sneakily shift keys

for example
>from E major you can go to D major because E and D are both in the key of A
>then from D major you can go to C major because they both in the key of G (which is E minor)

or you can just modulate and just ram it in there.

but more often, its easier to use the relative minor C#. but if a key change fits your song, go ahead.

its all a question of melody.
Well in the song Aces High, Iron Maiden modulate from

A minor
E minor
G minor
A minor
B minor
A minor
E minor
A minor

In the song paschendale they modulate from

E minor
C# minor
D minor
E minor

None of these modulations sound odd so i guess there are no real rules. These modulations seem pretty random to me.
Study "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" Brilliant example of same tonal center, Minor/Major songwriting.


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Try harmonizing a simple melody.



E - B/E - A sharp dim - B - Em
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